Kalapata Children’s Charity Institution

p-samallie-kasiryeSamallie Kasirye founded Kalapata Children’s Charity Institution (KCCI) a non-profit charitable organization operated by volunteers for the sole purpose of supporting children from Kalapata village located in the Eastern part of Uganda approximately fours’ drive from Kampala City to obtain a comprehensive education. Samallie believes that education will assist and enable the children to break the shackles of intergenerational poverty.

She also believes that educating these children will enhance the social capital of Kalapata village in Uganda, by providing its economy and government with highly skilled and well qualified professionals, who will be equipped to further advance the prosperity of Kalapata village in Uganda.


MS Samallie Kasirye who is a Ugandan born at Kalapata village. Samallie through acquiring an education has been able to transition from poverty and humble beginnings, to becoming a highly respected and qualified public servant in Australia.

This Institutions’ operating expenses are absorbed by its volunteers, which mean that one hundred per cent of the sponsorship or donation received goes to the child, who is the beneficiary of the sponsorship or donation. We are committed to optimising your generosity for the benefit of these children. Global responsibility for creating a better world needs to be owned by all of us; a collective and co-operative humanitarian approach to helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves. We all realise that disadvantaged children are the most vulnerable of people who suffer from adverse living conditions.

Should you choose to sponsor a child then please complete the membership form attached, send it to the charity address and arrange to make donations direct into the charity account. Should you require further information about this institution, then, please contact us directly by e-mail or telephone. We look forward to you joining us in our pursuit to provide quality educational opportunities for these children and their families.

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